..: Courses

Alhumdulillah we not only offer mere reading or Quran but trying to teach it from core of it

For this purpose, EQURANPAK offering the following courses which shall enable you to decide that which course will b a right choice for you

Still if feel any ambiguity, we are here for counseling. Our staff will guide you to decide the choice of your program according to your level.

The main courses offered are as follows:

Basic Quran Reading (enabling the very initial reader to read Arabic , this course is a blessing for the persons who are so new to quran,kids, new muslims or the  students who could not read it due to any reason )

Quran with tajweed
(reader can have u full grasp on reading Quran with its original essence I.e. perfect Arabic pronunciation this course will b introducing to the key rules of accent learning)

Learn urdu (additional course for the interested learner who want to have know how about urdu language

Quran with translation and tafseer (a very rich program with blend of learning quran with tajweed, terjama and tafseer which opens new horizons of thoughts to the knowledge seeker. Course includes the meaning and explanation understanding with reference of Sahi Ahadees.

Memorization of Quran (hence no other virtue is parallel to quran memorization. People who find it hard to send their kids to mosque for long hours for quran memorization have an opportunity to get their kids memorize quran sitting at their homes.  Competent  staff will teach you how to easily make it possible by online method

Revision Sessions (Continue reciting the Qur'an because on the Day of Qiyaamah it will appear as an intercessor for the reciter. (Muslim). In order to keep in touch with Quran , students who are once get their Quran reading completed can avail the opportunity of reading again and again at a lower cost under supervision of our teachers

Moreover its also very important to let you know that all daily classes are conducted with a default session of learning namaz ,sunnah other supplication and some healthy discussion about islam understanding. 




  • A Quran class in your living room.
  • Essential Islamic Teaching for children and new Muslims from age of 4 to 70.
  • Highly trained and qualified Quran Teachers.
  • Highly reputed academic background.
  • A small monthly fee.
  • No long term contracts. 
  • Just month to month service