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Sura Al-Hashr (Sura #59, Juz # 28, Aya # 24)

In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.

Whatever there is in the heavens and whatever there is in the earth glorifies Allah, and He is the Allmighty, the All-wise. (1) It is He who expelled the faithless belonging to the People of the Book from their homes at the outset of [their] en masse banishment. You did not think that they would go out, and they thought their fortresses would protect them from Allah. But Allah came at them from whence they did not suppose and He cast terror into their hearts. They demolish their houses with their own hands and the hands of the faithful. So take lesson, O you who have insight! (2) If Allah had not ordained banishment for them, He would have surely punished them in this world, and in the Hereafter, there is the punishment of the Fire for them. (3) That is because they defied Allah and His Apostle; and whoever defies Allah, Allah is indeed severe in retribution. (4) Whatever palm trees you cut down or left standing on their roots, it was by Allah’s will and in order that He may disgrace the transgressors. (5) The spoils that Allah gave to His Apostle from them, you did not spur any horse for its sake, nor any riding camel, but Allah makes His apostles prevail over whomever He wishes, and Allah has power over all things. (6) The spoils that Allah gave to His Apostle from the people of the townships, are for Allah and the Apostle, the relatives and the orphans, the needy and the traveller, so that they do not circulate among the rich among you. Take whatever the Apostle gives you, and refrain from whatever he forbids you, and be wary of Allah. Indeed Allah is severe in retribution. (7) [They are also] for the poor Emigrants who have been expelled from their homes and [wrested of] their possessions, who seek grace from Allah and [His] pleasure and help Allah and His Apostle. It is they who are the truthful. (8) [They are as well] for those who were settled in the land and [abided] in faith before them, who love those who migrate toward them, and do not find in their breasts any privation for that which is given to them, but prefer [the Immigrants] to themselves, though poverty be their own lot. And those who are saved from their own greed—it is they who are the felicitous. (9) And *also for+ those who came in after them, who say, ‘Our Lord, forgive us and our brethren who were our forerunners in the faith, and do not put any rancour in our hearts toward the faithful. Our Lord, You are indeed most kind and merciful.’ (10) Have you not regarded the hypocrites who say to their brethren, the faithless from among the People of the Book, ‘If you are expelled, we will surely go out with you, and we will never obey anyone against you, and if you are fought against we will surely help you,’ and Allah bears witness that they are indeed liars. (11) Surely, if they were expelled they will not go out with them, and if they were fought against they will not help them, and [even if] they were to help them they will turn their backs [to flee] and eventually they will not be helped. (12) Indeed they have a greater awe of you in their hearts than of Allah. That is because they are a lot who do not understand. (13) They will not fight against you together except in fortified townships or from behind walls. Their fierceness is great only within themselves. You suppose them to be united, but their hearts are divided. That is because they are a lot who do not exercise their reason, (14) just like those who tasted the evil consequence of their conduct recently before them, and there is a painful punishment for them. (15) [The hypocrites are] like Satan when he tells man to disbelieve, but when he disbelieves, he says, ‘I am absolved of you. Indeed I fear Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.’ (16) So the fate of both is that they will be in the Fire, to remain in it [forever]. Such is the requital of the wrongdoers. (17) O you who have faith! Be wary of Allah, and let every soul consider what it sends ahead for Tomorrow, and be wary of Allah. Allah is indeed well aware of what you do (18) Do not be like those who forget Allah, so He makes them forget their own souls. It is they who are the transgressors. (19) Not equal are the inmates of the Fire and the inhabitants of paradise. It is the inhabitants of paradise who are the successful ones. (20) Had We sent down this Quran upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled [and] go to pieces with the fear of Allah. We draw such comparisons for mankind, so that they may reflect. (21) He is Allah—there is no god except Him— Knower of the sensible and the Unseen, He is the All-beneficent, the All-merciful. (22) He is Allah—there is no god except Him—the Sovereign, the All-holy, the All-benign, the Securer, the All-conserver, the Allmighty, the All-compeller, and the All-magnanimous. Clear is Allah of any partners that they may ascribe [to Him]! (23) He is Allah, the Creator, the Maker, and the Former. To Him belong the Best Names. Whatever there is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him and He is the All-mighty, the All-wise. (24)

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