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Sura Al-Qiyama (Sura #75, Juz # 29, Aya # 40)

In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.
I swear by the Day of Resurrection! (1) And I swear by the self-critical soul! (2) Does man suppose that We will not put together his bones [at resurrection]? (3) Yes indeed, We are able to [re]shape [even] his fingertips! (4) Indeed, man desires to go on living viciously. (5) He asks, ‘When will be this “day of resurrection”?!’ (6) But when the eyes are dazzled, (7) the moon is eclipsed, (8) and the sun and the moon are brought together, (9) that day man will say, ‘Where is the escape *from this day+?’ (10) No indeed! There will be no refuge! (11) That day the [final] goal will be toward your Lord. (12) That day man will be informed about what [works] he had sent ahead [to the scene of judgement] and [the legacy that he had] left behind. (13) Indeed, man is a witness to himself, (14) though he should offer excuses [to justify his failings]. (15) Do not move your tongue with it to hasten it. (16) Indeed it is up to Us to put it together and to recite it. (17) And when We have recited it, follow its recitation. (18) Then, its exposition [also] lies with Us. (19) No! Indeed, you love this transitory life (20) and forsake the Hereafter. (21) Some faces will be fresh on that day, (22) looking to their Lord, (23) and some faces will be scowling on that day, (24) knowing that they will be dealt out a punishment breaking the spine. (25) No indeed! When it reaches up to the collar bones (26) and it is said, ‘Who will take him up?’ (27) and he knows that it is the [time of] parting, (28) and each shank clasps the other shank, (29) that day he shall be driven toward your Lord. (30) He neither confirmed [the messages of Allah], nor did he pray, (31) but denied [them] and turned away, (32) and went back swaggering to his family. (33) So, woe to you! Woe
to you! (34) Again, woe to you! Woe to you! (35) Does man suppose that he has been abandoned to futility? (36) Was he not a drop of emitted semen, (37) and then a clinging mass? Whereat He created and proportioned [him], (38) and made of him the two sexes, male and female. (39) Is not [someone like] that able to revive the dead? (40)

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