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Sura An-Naba’ (Sura #78, Juz # 30, Aya # 40)

In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.
What is it that they are questioning each other about?! (1) [Is it] about the Great Tiding, (2) the one about which they differ? (3) No indeed! Soon they will know! (4) No indeed! Soon they will know for once again! (5) Did We not make the earth a resting place? (6) and the mountains stakes? (7) and create you in pairs? (8) and make your sleep for rest? (9) and make the night a covering? (10) and make the day
for livelihood? (11) and build above you the seven mighty heavens? (12) and make [the sun for] a radiant lamp? (13) and send down water pouring from the rain-clouds, (14) that We may bring forth with it grains and plants, (15) and luxuriant gardens? (16) Indeed the Day of Judgement is the tryst, (17) the day the Trumpet will be blown, and you will come in groups, (18) and the sky will be opened and
become gates, (19) and the mountains will be set moving and become a mirage. (20) Indeed hell is in ambush, (21) a resort for the rebels, (22) to reside therein for ages, (23) tasting in it neither any coolness nor drink, (24) except boiling water and pus, (25) a fitting requital. (26) Indeed they did not expect any reckoning, (27) and they denied Our signs mendaciously, (28) and We have figured everything in a Book.
(29) So [now] taste! We shall increase you in nothing but punishment! (30) Indeed a triumph awaits the Godwary: (31) gardens and vineyards, (32) and buxom maidens of a like age, (33) and brimming cups. (34) Therein they shall hear neither vain talk nor lies (35) —a reward and a sufficing bounty from your Lord, (36) the All-beneficent, the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them.
They will not be able to address Him (37) on the day when the Spirit and the angels stand in an array: none shall speak except someone who is permitted by the All-beneficent and says what is rightful. (38) That day is true for certain. So let anyone who wishes take resort with his Lord. (39) Indeed We have warned you of a punishment near at hand—the day when a person will observe what his hands have
sent ahead and the faithless one will say, ‘I wish I were dust!’ (40)

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