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Sura Nuh (Sura #71, Juz # 29, Aya # 28)

In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful. Indeed We sent Noah to his people, *saying,+ ‘Warn your people before a painful punishment overtakes them.’ (1) He said, ‘O my people! Indeed, I am a manifest warner to you. (2) Worship Allah and be wary of Him, and obey me, (3) that He may forgive you some of your sins and respite you until a specified time. Indeed when Allah’s *appointed+ time comes, it cannot be deferred, if you know.’ (4) He said, ‘My Lord! Indeed, I have summoned my people night and day (5) but my summons only increases their evasion. (6) Indeed whenever I have summoned them, so that You might forgive them, they would put their fingers into their ears and draw their cloaks over their heads, and they were persistent [in their unfaith], and disdainful in [their] arrogance. (7) Again I summoned them aloud, (8) and again appealed to them publicly and confided with them privately, (9) telling [them+: ‘‘Plead to your Lord for forgiveness. Indeed, He is all-forgiving. (10) He will send for you abundant rains from the sky, (11) and aid you with wealth and sons, and provide you with gardens and provide you with streams. (12) What is the matter with you that you do not look upon Allah with veneration, (13) though He has created you in [various] stages? (14) Have you not seen how Allah has created the seven heavens in layers, (15) and has made therein the moon for a light and the sun for a lamp? (16) Allah made you grow from the earth, with a [vegetable] growth. (17) Then He makes you return to it, and He will bring you forth [without fail]. (18) Allah has made the earth a vast expanse for you (19) so that you may travel over its spacious ways.’’ ’ (20) Noah said, ‘My Lord! They have disobeyed me, following someone whose wealth and children only add to his loss, (21) and they have devised an outrageous plot. (22) They say, ‘‘Do not abandon your gods. Do not abandon Wadd, nor Suwa, nor Yaghuth, Ya‘uq and Nasr,’’ (23) and already they have led many astray. Do not increase the wrongdoers in anything but error.’ (24) They were drowned because of their iniquities, then made to enter a Fire, and they did not find any helpers for themselves besides Allah. (25) And Noah said, ‘My Lord! ‘Do not leave on the earth any inhabitant from among the faithless. (26) If You leave them, they will lead astray Your servants, and will beget none except vicious ingrates. (27) My Lord! Forgive me and my parents, and whoever enters my house in faith, and the faithful men and women, and do not increase the wrongdoers in anything but ruin.’ (28)

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