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Sura Al-Lail (Sura #92, Juz # 30, Aya # 21)

In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.
By the night when it envelops, (1) by the day when it brightens, (2) by Him who created the male and the female: (3) your endeavours are indeed diverse. (4) As for him who gives and is Godwary (5) and confirms the best promise, (6) We will surely ease him toward facility. (7) But as for him, who is stingy and self-complacent, (8) and denies the best promise, (9) We will surely ease him toward hardship. (10)
His wealth will not avail him when he perishes. (11) Indeed guidance rests with Us, (12) and to Us belong the world and the Hereafter. (13) So I warn you of a blazing fire, (14) which none shall enter except the most wretched of persons —he who impugns [God’s prophets+ and turns his back. (16) The Godwary [person] will be spared of that (17) —he who gives his wealth to purify himself (18) and does
not expect any reward from anyone, (19) but seek only the pleasure of their Lord, the Most Exalted, (20) and, surely, soon they will be well-pleased. (21)

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