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Sura Ash-Shams (Sura #91, Juz # 30, Aya # 15)

In the Name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.
By the sun and her forenoon splendour, (1) by the moon when he follows her, (2) by the day when it reveals her, (3) by the night when it covers her, (4) by the sky and Him who built it, (5) by the earth and Him who spread it, (6) by the soul and Him who fashioned it, (7) and inspired it with [discernment between] its virtues and vices: (8) one who purifies it is felicitous, (9) and one who betrays it fails. (10) The *people of+ Thamud denied *Allah’s signs+ out of their rebellion, (11) when the most wretched of them rose up. (12) The apostle of Allah had told them, ‘This is Allah’s she-camel, let her drink!’ (13) But they impugned him and hamstrung her. So their Lord took them unawares by night because of their sin, and levelled it. (14) And He does not fear its outcome. (15)

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